Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts and prayers to RA superbitch

I'm starting this post with a heavy heart. Yesterday I seen one of my facebook friends comment on a fellow bloggers page leaving condolences to her passing. I was left feeling numb and shocked. I just recently found her blog and read back as far as it went. This was someone I could relate to a lot in her posts and who made me laugh. I think anyone that read her blog with RA could laugh. She talked about her pain in the way we could all relate and feel like we wrote it. 
Recently I have deleted a lot of RA pages I was on, I have even deleted RA friends that added me. Usually there is no connection. I had one girl who every single time seen me on FB would message me instantly and whine and complain. At first I did the supportive thing and tried to offer advice and suggestions and try to be there for her. Eventually my own flares started and not once did this girl ever ask how I was or listen when I needed someone. Deleted! 
RA Super Bitch was unique in her posts and outlook on RA.
I can't help wondering what happened. I know that probably sounds insensitive a little but this is really close to home. She was married and had a son and I believe close in age to me. I wonder if  it was something caused by the medications or the disease or something not related but RA caused complications. It's really scary stuff. I can't help look in the mirror and wonder if that could be me.
I pray her family and friends can find peace. I didn't know her personally but she will be missed by anyone that followed her blog in the RA community. 

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