Thursday, November 10, 2011

I really missed October?

I am a bad bad blogger! I can't believe a whole month slipped by me. Nothing to write about or laziness? Maybe some from column A but mostly column B :) 
I feel things are starting to fall in place for me finally. I won't lie I struggle every day. I'm off the Prednisone and the pain came back. Such an evil pill that gave me 20lbs as a present this time around. Ugh,  seriously went backwards and having a hell of a time getting this weight off.  

I started walking with my neighbor, we walk 6 days a week and go swimming on Sunday. The first week my lower back hurt so bad I wanted to quit. I kept pushing through it. I have since learned it's hip pain causing the discomfort.  The first week it took us 30 min to do a mile, by week 3 we made it 20 minutes. We are now on week 6 and walking 1.6 miles, hopefully 2 miles soon. Last week we even ran intervals. Yes, you heard correctly " I ran" haha  we ran for a minute and would walk for 3  we did that for a mile. I haven't been able to do that very often but a month ago I couldn't at all. I'll take what the RA demons give me.  I think the biggest challenge is the lower back pain and feet hurt a lot.  I keep telling myself the more I do the more the endurance will build up. I really hope it's soon.

I recommend a walking buddy. I don't think I would still be walking if it wasn't for my neighbor. Having someone with similar goals is a huge advantage. We end up talking the entire time and before I know it we are home, even if I hurt talking takes my mind off it.  We walk rain or shine. Last night was rain, wind and cold and we still did it. It's an incredibly good feeling. I assume soon it will snow. We may be crazy but come on we live in the midwest, a little snow isn't an excuse!

So all this walking surely you lost weight? It's not that easy. I initially lost 5lbs my first week and I was eating no carbs, I don't want to be on a no carb diet.. I just wanted to jump start things and cold turkey the sugar and bad carb cravings.  Once I added the healthy carbs back in the weight loss stopped.  I have to tell myself the walking is more then weight loss, It's kicking RA in the balls and giving it the big middle finger!  So I am not dwelling to much however I'll admit it is starting to annoy me.  My doctor says patience. Patience can bite me. I'm tired of being patient. Everything with RA is patience.  Lets just stick with perseverance. I need to keep going and one day turns into one week, one week is now a month. Perseverance was the reason I started this blog and it's the reason I will succeed.

Saturday I am joining weight watchers. My neighbor joined last week.  I have been on it before. It's a great program but I never last more then a couple months. I'm also going into this time with a different attitude. The last few times I went in overwhelmed and even feeling like I hit rock bottom.  This time feels different. I have my neighbor as support and we have been so good for each other on walking, I just feel having that support and cheerleader for weight watchers is really going to help.
I'll write more on that next week or next month.whichever comes first :)

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